New Helpers Available! Arrow Training Starts on May 18th!

It is that time again! I (Allan) leave on Saturday (May 16) for the Philippines where we will train a new batch of Arrow applicants. Many ex-abroads from Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, and the middle east have signed up for the training. 

Beginning on Tuesday May 19, we will be updating the website with information about the ladies. If you have friends or family in need of a good helper then tell them to bookmark our website and check it frequently. 

NOTE: Because we are concerned about getting the information on line as soon as possible, we sometimes make errors in facts. Our website is dynamic, and we update it constantly. When we discover a mistake we correct it immediately.  Our goal is to be fast and accurate, but we cannot take 3 weeks and double-check every fact about every candidate,  so we correct mistakes "on the go". Thank you for your understanding.

If you know someone looking for a helper, tell them to check our website for updates!