The Philippines Overseas Employment Agency implements mandatory insurance SCHEME

As of immediate effect, the Filipino Government has implemented compulsory insurance taking effect 8 November 2010. If proof of this insurance is not provided, there will be no exit clearance, and therefore no flights can be booked for your Helper. The insurance must be purchased from one of 3 approved Insurance companies in the Philippines.  They are all charging the same price for the insurance: US $144 for two years or approximately HK$1125. This policy was implemented arbitrarily with no consultation or even having the courtesy to inform the agencies involved. These insurance companies may not even be registered to legally work in Hong Kong yet.

We are deeply frustrated by the lack of communication from the Philippines Government and their lack of integrity regarding the implementation  of this law. However, the arrival of your Helper will be based upon compliance of this law. They are holding a gun to our heads. Buy their insurance or they won’t let the applicants come to Hong Kong.

All new customers need to be aware that there will be a $1000 surcharge added to your agency fee to pay for this unnecessary insurance.

WE are attempting to get a quote on a cheaper price for the insurance, but there seems to be some price-fixing involved because all the approved companies are charging the exact same amount. The South China Morning Post carried a front page article about this change a few days ago.
We urge you to call the Consulate General of the Philippines and speak to the acting Labor Attache to protest this new insurance. Here are the phone numbers, and email addresses.

We apologize for this inconvenience.


Allan and Ione Smith
Arrow Employment Services