Why is it so hard to bless others?

Recently we had a customer terminate their helper because the employer had lost her job. When they brought the helper in, the husband told me that his wife had lost their job so they had to let the helper go. I asked them if they would please put this in writing and they refused. If they had been willing to tell Immigration these simple facts, the helper could have stayed and almost immediately gone to work for another family. Instead she now has gone back to the Philippines and her prospects at age 40 are significantly diminished. Let's assume the lady was a "ma ma day" helper, not too good and not too bad. So what? Why not help her? Why not help a family in need of a helper now? What is so difficult about picking up the pen and writing one or two sentences to bless another person?  With the economic downturn we have had a number of employers lose their jobs, but most of them WILL NOT put it in writing, as if this will curse them forever. Can someone explain this to me? The Bible says that when we bless, we GET BLESSED. By withholding blessing we are cursing ourselves. It seems that some people are operating under a different "economy". I hope someone can explain this mindset to me.