Time for little emperors to wise up (from the HKStandard)

Our Arrow staff noted this editorial in the Hong Kong Standard. What are your children learning about life from watching your example: how you treat your helper, how you let the children treat the helper. Here is an excerpt:


In Hong Kong, we no longer see children carrying their younger brothers or sisters on their backs. We see domestic helpers carrying school bags for their young masters and mistresses.
Few parents physically punish their children, but we often see children do so to their domestic helpers.

Parents today receive higher education and know very well that they should listen to their children. But so many children will not listen to their parents.

How do we make our children more competitive?

I believe it is not by asking them to attend tutorials or so-called extra-curricular activities. We should teach them courtesy, respect and gratitude. To say "please" and "thank you," be more respectful, listen and be thankful. Simply by doing these things, they will already be much better than a lot of other people.