Your helper is frightened (HK Tour Bus Incident)

Yesterday (Sunday) was a bit strange. It was the first Sunday since the Philippine bus fiasco. The pastor who spoke to our Chinese congregation talked about how to handle your anger over the situation. I spoke to the Filipino congregation about how to handle your fear. The Chinese congregation prayed fervently for the Philippine government and people; and the Philippine congregation prayed for the families of those who were killed and injured.

Among the Filipinos there seem to be two main emotions: fear that someone will take revenge on them or blame them; and shame over their government's handling of the situation.

Many of our employers have already sat down and talked with their helper about the situation. If you have not yet done so, please take a few minutes to assure them that you don't blame them for this incident. They are worried that you will blame them or even terminate them over this issue.

Filipinos also feel a profound sense of shame over the way this was handled. They are so proud of their new president who is beginning to fight corruption, but this incident has exposed them, has shone a bright light on the ineptitude of the government on many levels. They would have preferred to correct things quietly without the whole world knowing, but now the secret is out: The Philippines is broken by decades of corrupt leaders. Very little works as it should, including the police force.

I hope you will pray for the Philippines. Their new president is a man of integrity who is beginning to tackle these problems. There are more and more Christians in places of responsibility, determined to make a positive impact. The people of the Philippines want our forgiveness, and our support as they try to overcome many years of poor governance. Pray for the Philippines!


Allan SmithComment