Day 2 Week 1, Orientation

We had a good day today. We introduced HK culture and the work situation this a.m. The afternoon was spent with a team from Capitol City Baptist Church, who shared about how God effects our work relationships. This evening was dedicated to hearing the personal stories of applicants. (these are strictly confidential, sorry). 

Some of the applicants I interviewed today seem quite good, but one or two seem "sad", and I hope they will rediscover some "joy" this week. Sad people don't make good employees. No matter how skilled you are at what you do, "sadness" will sour everything you touch. I hope these applicants will experience some kind of break through this week. People think "work hard -> success -> happiness", but modern research confirms what the ancients always knew "hard work & a happy heart -> success.  Success doesn't make us happy, rather happy people are usually more successful than unhappy ones.  


Allan SmithComment