Why should I hire through Arrow?

 Here are the 10 top reasons you should hire a helper through Arrow:


1.  We pre-screen all applicants during our 1 week orientations, so that you can feel confident that you are hiring a good and capable person.

2.  We conduct our own training in the Philippines, so that you can know that we are equipping helpers for the "real Hong Kong", imparting to them the attitudes and skills needed to succeed here.

3.  We provide options both for refund and replacement, so that you can feel reassured that, in the event that things don't work out, you have good alternatives.
4.  We follow up every placement, providing coaching and encouragement to both employers and helpers, so that you will have resources to help you in this sometimes complicated cross-cultural relationship.
5.  We go the extra mile in serving, so that if you ever find yourself in a difficult situation (e.g. a sick helper & no time to take her to the doctor) you can rest assured that Arrow will do whatever we can to help out, taking helpers to the doctor, visiting in the hospital, etc.
6.  We provide free mediation service, so that if you and your helper ever experience a breakdown in communication, you can come together and we'll sit down with you and help you resolve the issue, so that you won't have to change helpers in mid-contract.
7.  We operate our own guesthouse, so that your helper has a place to go on her day off if she has International (not Sunday) days off. That way, you can feel assured that she is in a safe place on her rest day.
8.  We work closely with a church, Jubilee Int'l Filipino Fellowship, so that on rest days and holidays, your helper will have a positive influence in her life, helping her grow both as a person and an employee.
9.  We have an excellent reputation among the Filipino Community in Hong Kong. They know we treat workers well, and they know we attract high quality, fair employers, so that more and more well qualified Filipinos, want to find work through Arrow, making it easier for you to find a well qualified worker. 
10. Our staff understands the Immigration Departments policies and workings, and we make sure the paperwork is done right the first time, so that your visa will be issued as quickly as possible.