Thank You!

Thank you for contacting Arrow in your search for a Helper! Here is what you can expect within the next few days: 

  1. Within the next 24 hours our staff will try to contact you, so we can understand your needs and expectations for a helper.

  3. With your permission we will send you the bio information of some ladies we think might be a good fit for you.  All of our current ladies are available on our website, and we welcome you to browse the bios and talk to us about the ones you think might be a good fit. If we think an applicant is unsuitable for you, we won't hesitate to tell you.

  5. After you've narrowed the field to 2-4 possibles, we will arrange interviews via skype, so you can see and talk to the applicants.  You do this from the comfort of your home. 

  7. During Orientation weeks (our training in the Philippines) we are too busy to send out bios to customers, and instead will schedule you for a 1 hour block of time, where you can interview ladies directly from our training camp in the Philippines. During 1 hour, you can usually interview 3-4 well qualified candidates. Be prepared to make a quick decision, because the customers who follow you on the schedule may interview and hire the lady you like best. 

  9. Once you have decided on whom to hire, you can come into our office and complete the paperwork, or, for a small fee, we will send someone to your office with the documents. 

Here is a link to our fee schedule.

We are honored that you have decided to give us a chance to serve you.

Allan & Ione Smith