Do you "discipline" your employees?

"Words alone will not discipline a servant; the words may be understood, but they are not heeded." Proverbs 29:19

Discipline is the key to building habits. Each of us needs to develop healthy habits. Employees need to develop healthy work habits. If you want your employee to develop into a star, you need to do more than talk talk talk; you need to train them. 

In the medical profession there is said to be an established pattern to training: Watch one (I do it, you watch), Assist one (I do it, you help), Do one (you do it, I assist); Do it again (you do it, I watch), Teach one (repeat the pattern, only this time you are the teacher, not the student). Training requires demos, supervised practice and reviews. If your helper doesn't know her job yet, perhaps you need to invest the time to train her, following the pattern above.

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