Housewives,helpers and happiness

Recently four helpers working in homes with full time housewives ended their contracts.  As an agency we have more support issues with full-time housewives than with any other group -even more than with hormone flushed new mothers, and more than with "po po"s. The biggest complaints from helpers are micro-managing and constant criticism.  Why do we think that berating another person will help them perform better? Is there really any evidence that this kind of management technique actually works? 

My intuition tells me that happy people make happy employers/employees, and that unhappy people are usually poor employers, and poor employees.  If you have to work side by side with an unhappy person (housewife or helper) all day long, then they are going to drive you crazy and you will either quit or fire.  So let me ask you one question: "Are you happy?" Allow me one more question; "why not?"  If people who are unjustly imprisoned (like Nelson Mandela for more than 20 years) can stay positive and happy, why can't you?

 If you are a happy stay at home employer, what advice do you have for other people in your situation? for the helpers? We welcome your comments.