Introducing Cora Ha


Cora Ha is a parent coach, who would love to serve you and your family.  When you contact Cora mention "Arrow" and receive a discount on her coaching services. 

Cora has natural enthusiasm, intuition and an open heart that is passionate about walking with others on the parenting journey. This spirit, infectious and inspiring to friends and clients, led the way for her to become a highly effective mentor and role model to many here in Hong Kong.

A pioneer in parent coaching, Cora Ha is a firm believer in laying down a firm family foundation based on core values. In her sessions, she guides you to define your family’s core values, and helps you implement your own guiding principles to navigate the joys and perils of parenting.

Compassion, humor and candor are fundamental pillars in her life. Drawing from her own challenging experiences as a person raised in Canada, marrying into a more traditional Chinese family in Hong Kong, she is inspired to help others find their own delicate balance between idealism and practicality in interpersonal communications: between parent and child, between husband and wife and as a family.

Understanding and bridging generational and cultural gaps speaks to the needs of many families local and international alike.

Her ultimate cure for any ‘bad day’? The sound of her sons’ laughter. “You know…the contagious laugh that comes from the belly? That is the best release of tension and the cue to celebrate life!” she says with a hearty, “Ha! Ha! Ha!”

Prior to and in conjunction with coaching (hundreds of families), Ha has taught over two decades at international schools in Hong Kong, from toddlers in preschool to young adults in high school allowing her to gain rich experience with families from multi-cultural backgrounds and children from a wide range of age groups. She also worked as a children and family ministry director for over 5 years at an international, interdenominational church. Cora holds two degrees from the University of British Columbia and is a Professional Board Certified Life Coach. In her free time, Ha is cooking, catching up with friends or ‘chillaxing’ with her husband and sons.

You can reach Cora at OR fill out our contact form using the subject "Cora" or "Cora Ha" and we'll have Cora contact you directly.

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