The power of a kind word

            Snip from a facebook message

            Snip from a facebook message

One of our Arrow employers called to ask me about an issue with their helper who has been with them for 1.5 years. During the conversation they told me that she was good helper and tney appreciated her service to their family.  I used to facebook to contact the helper and ask a question for the employer. During our FB conversation I told her that her employer was grateful for her good service.  Her response is in the screen clip to the right:

"I'm still crying Pastor because I never expect and surprised me that they say that I'm very good (word supplied). I'm very thankful and God is good po." 

Filipino helpers are often starved for a word of encouragement. Hong Kong people don't praise a child once he past 3-5 years old. Once a kid hits school there is no more "lek jai, lek nui". 90% of the burden to adapt is on the Filipino helper, but the employer should also make an effort to adapt a little to meet the helper's needs. One of the biggest needs the helpers have is for a word of encouragement, some praise, a kind word once in a while. They would like to hear you say "that's delicious" or "I'm really grateful for you," or "good job". If you want to keep a helper long term, learn to give some affirming feedback.  They will strive with all their heart to please you if you give them some encouragement.


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