What to prepare if your helper will have holidays back to the Philippines...

If your helper will have holidays back to the Philippines, please make sure she will get Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC) before she will leave Hong Kong.


A domestic helper cannot enter HK without a valid OEC.  It is issued by the Philippines Consulate. Method:


1 Get OEC by online. For detail, please go to: Get your Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC) or Exemption Online

(It applies to those domestic helpers who will work for the same employment contract with the same employer)  


2 Apply in the Philippine Consulate. She should bring the air ticket, passport with valid visa, information sheet(form supplied), $20. HKID, valid OWWA membership, Authorization letter(for representative).

(It applies to those domestic helpers who will work for a new employer under a  new employment contract)  

Please go to:



3. Write a letter of agreement, bother sign and keep a copy:

Sample of Agreement between Name of Employer and Name of Employee for  if Employee will not come back after the Holidays


Dear  Name of Employee,

You will have holidays from date of departure from HK to date of arrival to HK.  

If you do not come back and report for duty on date of arrival to HK after the Holidays, by mutual agreement, we both agree that this failure to return on time means that you are breaking the contract without notice and willingly forego any compensation that might be due to you under the contract.

I also will consider the contract terminated and will seek any compensation from you in respect to the contract no. ___________. In addition, I will report to the Hong Kong Immigration Department that our contract is terminated and that you will not be returning to work for me.  



Signature of Employer                                             

(Name of Employer)                                                  

(Date of signing the letter)                                           



Signature of Employee

 (Name of Employee)

(Date of signing the letter)