Employers Q&A (about Passport & Working Visa) 1, 2, 3

Q 1: When Should my domestic helper renew her passport and working visa?
A1: Every domestic helper's passport should be renewed 6 months before it is expired. The expiry date of the working visa is usually earlier than the expiry date of the passport. So, your helper should check and renew her passport in the consulate on time, then bring the old and new passport to the immigration department to renew their working visa.

Q 2: Who' s responsibility to remind my helper to renew her passport and working visa?
A 2: It is the helper's responsibility to check and renew her passport and working visa on time. All employers should also make sure the passport and the working visa of your helper(s) are valid at any time. It is illegal for a domestic helper to work in your home with an expired working visa.

Q 3: How to renew the Philippine passport in Hong Kong?
For detail, please click on the link below and read:
How to Renew your Philippine Passport in Hong Kong