People matter 

We believe that everyone is created and loved by God. Therefore they should be treated with fairness,  dignity and respect.  Filipinos address people as "Sir" and "Madam" and no matter what their position in life (garbage collector or company president) they are used to being treated with respect.. Life works better when we show each other respect.


We take responsibility for our attitudes, actions, words and even our emotions. When we make a mistake, we admit it and make amends. We don't cover our mistakes or make excuses, instead we make things right.  We take responsibility to make the world a little bit better.


We work with our whole heart  to serve people.  We go the extra mile in helping others, because we are called by God to give our best.  Serving others is a high calling. We believe that we live in a service economy and those companies and people who give great service will eventually win. We don't mind "serving" - it's how we win.


Truth & Integrity

We live in an information economy. All of us need accurate information so that we can make good decisions. Good news or bad news, we will do our best to communicate frequently, honestly and openly. At Arrow you will be dealt with in an honest and transparent way.  We honor our commitments and follow through on our promises.


At Arrow we serve families. Hiring a helper should improve your family life by freeing you from many daily chores, giving you more time to spend with your loved ones. We believe that parents should be the primary influence in their children's lives, and the helper should be an extension of the parent's care, not a replacement for it. We also have created intentional community (family) for Arrow ladies so that they will have a healthy community life here in HK.