Don't Let This Happen to You

I've been learning Taichi with a group in a nearby park. Once a month we go out to "yamcha" together. Last Saturday I sat next to a Mrs. Lam who related to me her troubles in hiring domestic helpers.

She said that the 1st helper she hired turned out to be pregnant, and she had to send her home. The helper had passed her physical and her pregnancy test had come back negative, but after her physical exam she must have had one last tender goodbye with her husband.

Her next helper decided she didn't want to be here. She later confessed that her family pressured her to come to HK. Her employer told her she had a brand new wooden floor and it had to be cleaned with a damp cloth only. She couldn't mop with lots of water. The owner came home one day to find the whole floor had come up! When she was questioned the helper admitted doing it on purpose, so that she would be fired and could go home. She got her wish.

This could be avoided with proper screening, but what agency does that? Arrow does!