When it doesn't go according to plan

I really enjoy running Arrow. Everyday we have the chance to serve people and learn. Our training and our service are improving constantly. When we introduce a helper to someone's family, we feel confident that we have done our best to find and train the best helper for them. BUT what if, in spite of all our efforts, the helper turns out to be "not good"?

How do you handle failure? So far we have had one girl turn out to be what I would call a "lemon".  I recently met with our partner in the Philippines. He sends helpers around the world and said that five out of every twenty sent to Hong Kong come back within the first few months. One out of every four gets fired within the first month.  So far, Arrow has placed one person who was not ready to work in Hong Kong. She completed our training more than a year before she was deployed and when she arrived in HK, she didn't perform well. We listened to the employer, and their employee and agree with the employer that she was unsuitable to work in their family. We apologized and offered them a replacement or a refund.

One failure distresses us. We ask questions like "Why didn't our screening and training didn't catch her unreadiness to work in HK? What can we do to improve our training and screening?"  As a result we have tightened up our screening, training  and orientation.  We want to ensure that everyone who comes to Hong Kong is ready to succeed.

We have also become more strict with employers. We will not introduce Arrow trainees to "just anyone". Sad to say, someHong Kong employers are overbearing  perfectionists who fire their helpers for petty reasons. We have a reputation among employers as the company which tries hard to train and provide trustworthy competent helpers. We also have a reputation among Filipinos as the company which attracts loving, kind-hearted employers. We are working hard to ensure that we deserve both!