NEW Direct Hire Guidelines

Your friend has introduced you to the perfect helper. Should you ask a local employment agency to process your hiring and visa application or should you do it yourself? The Philippine government has made that decision very easy: unless you want to put down HKD $50,000 as a bond, you better use an agency to process your papers for you.

ABS-CBN Interactive

POEA Memorandum Circular No. 4 or the Guidelines on the Direct Hiring of Filipino Workers states that foreign employers opting for direct hiring have to put up a repatriation bond of  US$5,000 and a performance bond equivalent to three months’ salary of the worker.

She said: “For an employer of a domestic helper in Hong Kong, this (bond) translates to almost HK$50,000. Practical and financial reasons alone will inhibit prospective employers from shelling out the amount.”

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