New POEA regulations threaten the jobs of many Filipinos

Let's hope this crazy new regulation quickly ends up in the rubbish bin. The Philippine government is trying to make money from the hiring of maids. (They have probably seen how the HK government has raked in millions from the levy) The result is that they are going to hurt a lot of helpers. Click on the link below to get the full picture of what the new regulations mean. I expect this new regulation to die a quick death, but in case it doesn't: For our existing customers who want to renew contracts with your helpers we will charge a flat rate of $1000. Let us help you and you can avoid this new POEA regulation.

Filipinos in HK fear job loss with new POEA rules--OFW group -, Philippine News for Filipinos

MANILA, Philippines -- Overseas Filipino workers in Hong Kong might lose their jobs over new rules by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration which, among other things, require prospective employers to post some $8,000 worth of bonds before being allowed to hire OFWs, an official of a group of Filipino workers in Hong Kong said.

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