2nd Annual OFW Appreciation Day

我們現正聯同大約8-10個菲律賓聚會、美國一所大型教會和一些菲律賓教會一同合作,資助一個活動,旨在於服侍和鼓勵一些來港當傭工的人。在29/6、下午3-7時,我們專誠為了這些菲國工人預訂了一艘天星小輪,分兩段時段作維港遊。介時,菲國歌手Christian Bautista 會當埸為大家表演。由於兩次遊覧只可容納約600人,我們會以「憑票入座」形式舉辦活動。所有精薦的家傭和恩禧堂的會友都是我們的對象。因此,如果你是我們精薦的僱主,我們誠懇地希望你能讓你的家傭在當日(29/6,星期日)能遲一點才回家。多謝你的考慮!

We are working together with 8-10 local Filipino congregations, a big American church and churches from the Philippines to sponsor an event aimed at serving and encouraging those who serve Hong Kong families. On June 29th from 3-7 p.m. we have booked 2 Star Ferry harbor cruises for OFWs. A Filipino music star, Christian Bautista is flying in to entertain the workers. The two cruises can only handle 600 people total, so we are issuing tickets for this event. Arrow helpers and Jubilee Church members will be involved in this outreach event, so if you are an Arrow employer, perhaps you'll allow your worker to return a little later on Sunday, June 29th. Thanks for your consideration.