The lady I wanted is already hired! *@#!


Many of you have inquired about some of the ladies in our new batch of trainees. We are very sorry that some of the ones you wanted have been hired by others. We have clients who hired one of our Arrow ladies, and, for one reason or the other, their helper could not come to Hong Kong. (E.G. failed medical or passport problem). Because these are existing customers, our policy is to allow them to have first choice from the new helpers. After they have chosen their replacement helper, then we open the trainees up for everyone else. I'm sure that once you hire an Arrow helper, you will want us to apply this policy to you as well. Thank you for understanding.

On the other hand, we have many well qualified and good helpers available! Please check the ones with scores first. The 2nd week of trainees have not been fully evaluated yet. Take a look at our applicants. You won't find these ladies at any other agency. They are exclusive to Arrow.