Your baby talks! Do you know what he/she is saying?

基於我們的顧客大多期待着新生命的來臨,我特意轉貼了一個關於Priscilla Dunstan 在The Oprah Show的分享給大家。Priscilla Dunstan是個厲害的人物!她懂得跟1-3個月大的嬰兒溝通,並了解他們的語言。她能很快地教懂你他們在說什麼!初為人父人母的你,請到下列的連結瀏覽整個故事吧!

Since most of our clients are expecting babies, I am reprinting the post about Priscilla Dunstan, who was on The Oprah Show. This lady is amazing; she has disciphered the language of 1-3 month old infants. She can quickly teach you what they are saying. New moms and dads, please go to the link below and read the whole story.

Priscilla_dunstanAmazing Medical Breakthroughs: Priscilla Dunstan's Gift 

"Priscilla Dunstan hears babies' words.
For millions of sleep-deprived mothers around the world, this woman's findings could be a miracle! Priscilla Dunstan, a mom from Australia with a special gift, says she's unlocked the secret language of babies."

"When Priscilla was a toddler, her parents discovered she
had a photographic memory for sound. At age 4, she could hear a Mozart
concert on the piano and play it back note for note.

Priscilla says her gift has helped her hear a special "second
language" beyond English, allowing her to detect moods and even
diagnose illnesses! "Other people might hear a note but I sort of get
the whole symphony," Priscilla says. "So when someone's speaking, I get
all this information that other people might not pick up."

That mysterious second language took on an astounding new meaning
when Priscilla became a mother to her baby, Tom. "Because of my gift
for sound, I was able to pick out certain patterns in his cries and
then remember what those patterns were later on when he cried again,"
Priscilla says. "I realized that other babies were saying the same