Tips on choosing a helper (scroll down for helper profiles)

當你雇用一名家傭時, 3樣東西是很重要及你需要知道的:

1.你自己:你有時間和耐性去訓練一名家傭嗎?如果你有,很多女傭,即使他們沒有海外工作的經驗都將會是合適你的。如果你對你家傭有很高的期望或你沒有足夠的時間或耐性去訓練一名新的幫手, 那麼我相信曾在香港或新加坡工作過的家傭將會比較適合你。你需要知道你選一個家傭的優先條例!在看簡介之前,你可列先出你的優先要求,例如第一托兒 #2 烹飪 #3 打掃。

2.家傭:比較年長的女子處事比較成熟,她們往往能適應一些比較複雜的家庭。一些年輕及已婚的女傭比較常出現思鄉及丈夫方面的問題,這情況多出現於35歲以下的女士。菲律賓人傾向生活在一起他們喜歡像大家庭一樣。因此, 很多單身女子都有托兒和兒童看管方面的經驗。很多大學畢業生都有心到加拿大裹工作,但不是全部都能這樣。很多卻願意來港工作。你需要認真地跟他們談談這些問題,要求他們承諾能完成他們的合約。

3.代理商:沒有完美的雇傭, 雇主或代理,但是很多人會選擇來到精箭, 因為我們對我們的顧客給予很多的關顧。 當事情不能實踐時,我們會盡全力以一種不會令雇主有太大負擔及損失的方式來解決這些問題。

你也可以向我們詢問你可能對其感興趣的女傭,我們將給與你有關這女傭最好的評估和他們的工作能力, 務求令她們能「適合你」。當我們有空的時候, 我們將公佈更多有關這些女傭的相片和錄像。


There are 3 parties involved in hiring a helper. It is important that you understand all 3:

  1. Yourself: Do you have the time and patience to train a helper? If so, many of these ladies are suitable, even if they do not have overseas experience.  If you have high expectations or you don't have enough time or patience to train a new lady, then choose someone with Hong Kong or Singapore experience. Know your priorities! Before looking at the profiles list your priorities, e.g. #1 childcare #2 cooking #3 cleaning.
  2. The Helper: Older ladies are more mature, and able to handle complicated families. Some younger married women have more homesick problems and problems with their husbands, than do women who are 35 & up.  Filipinos tend to live together as large families, so the singles often have a LOT of childcare and infant care experience.  University grads may have ambitions to go to Canada, but not all of them do. Many are content to work in HK. Talk to them honestly about this, ask for their commitment to complete their contract. 
  3. The Agency: There are no perfect helpers or employers or agencies, but most people come to Arrow because we give a high level of care to our customers, and when things don't work out, we do our best to resolve the situation in a way that doesn't put too big a burden on the employer.   
  Ask us about ladies you may be interested in and we will give you our best assessment of their abilities and "fit" for you. We will post more pictures and videos of the ladies as we have time. 

When reading a profile, don't forget to click on the "continue reading" link to see the scores for the applicants.