Back from the Philippines

I, Allan, arrived back from the Philippines on Thursday. Wow! We have a great new batch of helpers available now. We'll try to have all the scores added to their profiles by Monday or Tuesday. Quite a few have already been hired, so if you are interested in someone please don't hestitate to call and ask about them. We are willing to hold a candidate for 24 hours only. Otherwise it is "first come, first serve". 

I lost my voice on Friday. I've looked everywhere and still can't find it. :-). Don't know how I can speak on Sunday, but God will make a way. If you call and talk to me, please be patient, and please be brief! :-) Thanks.

我是Allan, 剛於星期四從菲律賓返回(香港)。你看, 我們現在有許多幫手了. 我們會於星期一或星期二把他們的積分加於他們的個人檔案中.他們當中已有少部分人被僱用了.若果你對這些傭工有興趣的話, 請不要猶豫. 你們可主動與他們 
我們願意為你於24小時內留住你的心水雇傭, 不然, 則先到先得了。

我於星期五失了聲. 我尋找了許久都找不著是什麼原因。我都不知道怎樣於星期日開聲說話, 
但我知道神會為我開路的。如果你想跟我說話, 你需要多加忍耐並把你的說話盡量說得簡潔
:-) 謝謝