All Saint's Day

Today is "All Saint's Day" and in the Philippines it is one of the most important holidays. Filipinos will flock to the cemetaries by the thousands and picnic with their loved ones who have passed away. It is similar to the "Grave Sweeping" Holiday in Hong Kong. Businesses and shopping malls will all be closed, so it is not possible for Arrow to arrange interviews or do any processing over there until the resumption of business on Thursday morning. 

Above left is a Heroes Graveyard. Below right is a "condominium" of bone crypts. In public cemetaries bones are dug up after 5 years, cleaned and moved to a "bone crypt. Public graveyards are so crowded that there are no walkways, so people visiting graves have to walk across graves. Sometimes the graves are poorly made, and your foot will go through the top cover into the grave. See photo below left.